Bowflex Max Trainer vs Spin Bike: Which One Is Right For You?

Bowflex Max Trainer vs Spin Bike
Written by Steve M. Ford

Are you looking to set up a home gym and wondering whether you should purchase a Max trainer or spin bike? There’s no doubt both types of equipment offer a lot of benefits for anyone looking to get in shape. 

Besides being popular, both types of equipment are compact and provide an easy way to exercise without leaving the comfort of your home. But when placed against each other, it isn’t exactly clear which one has the upper hand. Well, that is because certain things have to come into consideration such as user preference, cost, connectivity, and others. 

In this article, we will compare the Bowflex max trainer vs spin bike to help you determine the best fit for you!


Starting with pricing, the Bowflex trainer is available in different models, with the basic model (M3) costing around $999 while the more advanced model is pegged at $2799. So, you can opt for the M3 if you’re on a budget or spend more on any of the advanced trainers. Expectedly, moving up the radar grants you access to advanced features such as streaming options, Bluetooth and Wifi. 

Similar pricing can be observed with spin bikes. There are models that cost as low as $500 or even lesser, and there are more advanced models like the Peloton that cost up to $2245 or more depending on where you get it from. 

From here, it’s obvious, that spin bikes have a wider price range, making them a more attractive option for anyone on a strict budget. 


High-end spin bikes like the Peloton and Nordictrack allow users to stream live cycling classes on their built-in touchscreen monitors. Peloton, in particular, offers up to 14 live classes which you can follow daily. They also have a library consisting of thousands of on-demand classes which you can access anytime.

With the exception of the Bowflex M3, the other max trainers offer the option to add Bowflex JRNY or Max Intelligence which also gives you access to pre-recorded classes by Bowflex, NOT live classes. You can watch this on your tablet or the console if you’re using the Max Total. 

Besides the lack of live classes on the max trainer, another difference between both equipments is the subscription option. The max trainers can be used without a subscription but you will need a subscription on some spin bikes such as the Peloton.

Style of Exercise

Your preferred style of workout will also determine the best machine for you. As you can see, the max trainer and spin bike are not exactly the same machine. While the spin bike will get you cycling in an upright position, the Bowflex max trainer will get you climbing with your lower body while also working on the upper body. On a Max trainer, you can use the arm bars if you want to but it’s not necessary. 

As a result, you may be able to burn more calories on a Max trainer than on a spin bike assuming you work out at the same intensity. 

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