Most Popular Top Cologne For Men That Are Incredibly Long-Lasting


Buying cologne can be a difficult and tricky proposition, whether for yourself or as a gift. This is especially true online, where there are no samplers to experience. However, on the other hand, cologne at department stores or other off-line retail is usually quite a bit more expensive that it should be. This sometimes runs into hundreds of dollars extra per tiny bottle of cologne, so it’s a significant amount. This list of the top cologne for men can help you choose a product quickly and easily in 2018. We’ve chosen seven. Your time and money are both very valuable, and we can help you save some of both with this list. We will take a look at the top seven offerings in 2017 to help you navigate these murky waters without once paying department store prices. You absolutely can find these for much better prices online, helping your smell and your wallet all at once. So don’t worry. Just read through our list and pick one or two of these excellent scents to try to start with.


Versace Pour Homme

top cologne for men Versace Pour Homme

Versace Pour Homme pulls off one of the most admirable feats in cologne. That feat is to produce a clearly masculine and manly scent while remaining subtle and alluring. Overpowering colognes are very common, and Versace Pour Homme avoids this trap with grace. It’s subtle to almost a fault, a nearly perfect mix in that regard. This scent also happens to be quite long-lasting, remaining properly powerful for four to six hours per application. It also pulls off fruity without being girly, suggesting a confidence in any man who wears it. There are also notes of beaches or the ocean, conveying a sense of vacation. It’s nice to have a feeling of being away when you’re at work. It could be described as ‘heavenly’ or ‘pure sex’ and these are naturally high praise. This is very nearly a perfect ‘summer’ or ‘autumn’ cologne. However, it’s well-rounded enough that you can wear it all-year round. This scent deserves it’s place on the top cologne for men 2018 list in every way. Try it today – you won’t regret it.

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Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne

top cologne for men Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

JPG’s EDT fragrance spray is a bit closer to the mainstream than Versace Pour Homme. It’s a ‘clean’ or ‘fresh’ scent at it’s core. It’s expanded with subtler notes of mint and citrus. It tends not to overpower, though it remains on the fairly strong end of the spectrum. Instead, like many of the very popular ‘fresh’ colognes, it’s simply a solid, basic scent. It should last at least six hours, or more likely closer to all day. You shouldn’t notice it becoming much weaker over wearing it. It’s not for you if you want a purely subtle scent, but it is a subtle, masculine fragrance well worth your time. This is an excellent ‘spring’ cologne, but it’s not wrong in other seasons. If it works particularly well for you, don’t hesitate to make it your standard cologne. JPG’s EDT fragrance spray definitely deserves it’s high spot on this list of the top cologne for men for 2018. Give it a try today, it might be perfect.

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Thallium for Men

top cologne for men Thallium Paris

Thallium is, at it’s core, a musky scent. In that way, it’s very traditional. However, this is tempered by herbs, warm spice, floral, and sweet notes. The combination is unique and wonderful, and likely to smell very good on almost all men. It’s very masculine, with that musky core. The scent will last you all day. It shouldn’t become too weak or go away in less than about six hours. It’s not as subtle as some of the other colognes on this top cologne for men list of 2018, but it does exude power and confidence. It is very much a ‘sexy’ cologne, perfect for being as masculine as you can be. Thankfully, it does not tend to overpower and overwhelm on most men. This is an excellent choice for a ‘fall’ cologne. If it’s especially good with your body chemistry, however, it might be a good choice for year-round use. Give it a try – your girlfriend may thank you.

Check Out Thallium for Men by Yves De Sistelle 3.3 Ounce EDT SP at Amazone

Inis The Energy of The Sea Cologne

top cologne for men Inis The Energy of The Sea

The Energy of the Sea is an unusual scent, in that it was designed for both men and women. However, don’t let that fool you. It’s still an excellent cologne for men. With this cologne, the scent is very much in the name. The Energy of the Sea is a powerful scent, very much on the ‘water’ side of things. You won’t find musk here, or even tobacco or smoke. It’s ‘crisp’ and ‘clean’, and very ‘water-like’. You’ll find it will last through the day. It should stay strong and present for you for at least five or six hours. You’ll likely enjoy every moment of this powerful, clean scent. It tends to feel very ‘clean’ and even ‘powerful’ in it’s own, unusual way. The Energy of the Sea is an excellent ‘summer ‘ cologne, very much one of the top cologne for men. Today’s the day to try it.

Check Out Inis The Energy of The Sea Cologne Spray, 3.3 Fluid Ounce at Amazone

Calvin Klein ck one Eau de Toilette

top cologne for men Calvin Klein ck one

CK One is something of a classic cologne. Technically, it’s made to be worn by men or women. Don’t let that put you off! CK One is a simple and clean fragrance. It’s very ‘renewal’ or ‘spring’ – makes an excellent choice for the spring season. It’s also very minimalist, and so it’ll tend not to overwhelm. It’ll last well, usually all day long. It should do so without becoming too weak, for at least six hours. It’ll also almost never overpower, so it’s an excellent middle ground for men looking for a ‘clean’ scent. It’s not quite as masculine, but it’s well balanced. That balance is perhaps the single greatest strength of CK One. It’s a very unusual attribute for any cologne. That means that this scent may come off ‘odd’ at first, but give it a little time before you pass judgment. Give this one a try, soon as you can.

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Nautica Blue

top cologne for men Nautica Blue

Blue is another excellent choice in the ‘water’ space. This one is a very ‘clean’ fragrance with little or no ‘musk’. The notes here include minimalist touches of fruit, sandalwood, and pepper. It’s an unusual combination, but it turns out to work very well. This one might be an excellent ‘summer’ cologne. However, with it’s other scents, you can probably wear it all year long if it’s just right for you. Blue should last all day, and it’s on the subtle end, so it shouldn’t overpower. You’ll find that it lasts longer than you expect without becoming weak or going away. Blue isn’t as masculine as some, but that’s alright. Especially so if you’re looking for a subtler scent. Blue is almost as balanced as CK One. If CK isn’t quite masculine enough, Blue might be the perfect scent for you. It’s absolutely one of the top cologne for men. Try this one soon.


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Aventus For Men

top cologne for men Aventus

Aventus by Creed is the last entry on our best cologne for men 2018 list. Creed is one of the oldest brands in the cologne market. They promise that their products bring quality to match their long history. It’s also a bit more expensive than most of the other scents on the list, but don’t let that intimidate you. Creed is very, very good at what they do. This cologne is built on fruit – apple and pineapple, to be specific. There’s enough smokiness as well for the scent to be very masculine. Notes of tobacco and sweetness round out the cologne. It’s a powerfully unique scent, one that very few competitors even come close to. This one is very powerful, be careful not to use too much. It’s undeniably masculine and a year-round scent. It will last all day and sometimes even longer. Don’t forget to try this one of the top cologne for men. You might just fall in love.

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That’s our roundup list of the best colognes for men in 2018. Each of these colognes has something unique and special going for it. They’re all particularly good scents for men. However, each will have it’s own fundamentally different style. You should try each of them in turn for at least a few days. In time you will find one or a selection that’s best for you. If buying for yourself, give each scent a few days before you decide on it. Remember that your body chemistry will change the scents somewhat, but don’t be afraid to experiment. Some of these, rather all of these, have to be experienced to be believed. Don’t waste time, try them today! And don’t forget that buying these online will give you much better prices, saving your wallet some real pain. We’re here to help you find the best colognes for the best prices, and that’s why this list exists. These were the top cologne for men.

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