Top 21 Perfume Gift Sets 2020 For Men You Must Choose

It is really a tough job to decide what to gift to your friend or the special man in your life on any special occasions. The truth is either you fall short of choices or you just cannot figure out what they will like.

When you are in doubt, then make sure to gift one of the best men’s perfume gift set. They will surely love it! Every man loves to wear a nice and decent fragrance. This not only makes them feel fresh and smell good but also it adds something to their overall personality. Even it helps to boost up the self-confidence in them.

The best part is that different perfumes have various types of smells. Thus, you can choose one that will be ideal for the person you are gifting it. Some smells are youthful and romantic which is ideal for your special someone and some are empowering and refreshing which is ideal to be gifted to your dad.

If you are thinking about which perfume set to gift among all those choices available online, here are the top mens perfume gift sets for you.

List of Mens Perfume Gift sets

Kenneth Cole Black 



This is a great set of perfume that you can gift to any men. He will surely love this set as it contains all essential products.

These are 3.4 oz of the spray, 2.6 oz of the deodorant and 3.4 oz of an aftershave balm. All the products are really helpful and have a pleasingly beautiful smell.

The best part of this gift set is the aftershave balm which a man can apply every time aftershave. It gives a pleasant cooling effect along with a great smell.

The deodorant can be used every day to the office or regular outing. The spray is especially for any special occasions or parties.

Overall this set is really amazing to be gifted to any man on any special occasion. Apart from the best Kenneth Cole black gift sets.

Salvatore Ferragamo Set 



It’s also great for a gift, anyone will love this for its quality.

Of course, it has the spray with the beautiful classic smell and along with that, it has a shampoo & shower gel and an aftershave balm. Both tubes contain 2.5 fluid ounce or 75ml.

The spray has an amazing smell which is highly masculine in nature. It is quite refreshing and thus it is recommended for casual wear and also for daily wear.

It will make them feel instantly refreshed and relaxed. This is a high-quality product which is made up of high-quality material and ingredients.

If you are thinking of buying some amazing gift for your dad or your special someone for any particular occasion, buy this!

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Cuba Gold Gift Set



If your man travels a lot here and there then this perfume gift set will be an ideal one for him.

This gift set comes in a unique way of packaging. It comes in a very popular and classy Cuba Gold gift bucket. This bucket itself looks very amazing and with it, there are total of 4 items. One is the EDT cologne spray of 3.4 oz, a body spray of 6.6 oz and a 3.3 oz of aftershave.

The fourth piece of item is the perfect one of the travelers. It is a 1.17 Oz cologne EDT spray which is ideal for the travel size.

So, one can easily carry these men’s perfume gift sets with their carryon luggage for any long flights where they may need it.

Pitbull 3 Piece Gift Set



The set contains one 3.4 Oz EDT spray, one 3.4 Oz aftershave, and a 3.4 Oz shower gel. All of them have a more or less similar smell which is really awesome. It has a top note of sun-drenched citruses like bergamot and mandarin mixed with warm spices of sage and cardamom.

The mid notes of violet masculine floral smell which is superbly sexy and the base note are of sultry vetiver that melts into musk.

It evolves into a sensual warm depth of rich tonka bean and ambers. The smell is highly masculine as well as seductive and provocative in nature.

The sensual smell of this perfume gift set can last for a long time and radiate a sense of confidence in the man.

Ralph Lauren Polo Variety 4 Piece Mini Gift Set



This can be a good gift for attractiveness and good quality. This set contains 4 different EDT spray bottles each of different colors.

There is a spicy red bottle, a fresh blue bottle, a herbal green bottle, and a deep black bottle. Though the sizes are small the smells are really amazing.

All the smells are different from each other. These fragrances are recommended for daily wear.

These can be used for any casual outing with friends or even for everyday purposes. The fragrance lasts for a long time. Thus, it is an ideal gift for any man who loves fragrances. Outside of this gift set, I would like to suggest to like this Polo Crest cologne as the best gift. It’s a cologne spray I’ve used myself, really awesome.

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Paris Hilton Gift Set



This is from the famous Paris Hilton perfume brand which is really popular for its sensual smells and last longing effects.

Though it can be a bit expensive it will surely be worth buying. This set contains four items in it. These are – a 3.4 Oz Eau De Toilette Spray, a 3 Oz Body Wash, 2.75 Oz Deodorant Stick, and one mini .25 EDT spray. Everything is for men only. The mini spray is ideal for traveling use.

The smells are wonderful and as expected they last for a long time. It is ideal for any parties. Smelling good is very much essential in any parties and this perfume can smell exceptionally sensuous and stay for a long time too. The smell is strong but not too overpowering.

Kenneth Cole Variety 4 Piece Gift Set



This amazing gift set of perfume has 4 different cologne sprays from Kenneth Cole. These are – Kenneth Cole Reaction, Kenneth Cole Reaction Thermal, Black by Kenneth Cole and Black Vintage by Kenneth Cole.

Each and every spray is really amazing with a beautiful manly fragrance which your man will surely love. This is more for casual wear but one can also wear these in parties.

The smell can stay for a long period of time and they are also made up of some great ingredients. It is perfect for gifting your husband or boyfriend on their birthdays, anniversaries or even on the special Valentine’s Day. He will surely love all these four perfumes, especially the Black Vintage one has that classic rich smell.

Joop! Homme Gift Set



This is the best men’s perfume gift set that you can gift during any special occasion. This set has two items and these are – 4.2 Oz Eau De Toilette spray and along with that 2.5 Oz aftershave for men by JOOP!

It has a terrific smell that lasts for a long period of time. It is ideal for party wear as the smell is more based on the sensuous and attractive note.

The lemongrass tinge along with a perfect blend of honey, jasmine, cinnamon, etc. have made this smell really great and sensuous.

This is ideal to gift your partner for any special romantic occasion. It has a fresh smell too which can be found very attractive and refreshing.

Terre D’Hermes 



This perfume gift set contains 3 pieces of items. These are – 2.5 Oz pure perfume spray, 1.35 Oz aftershave balm, and 0.43 Oz pure perfume spray. All of them are very useful for any man.

You can gift this set on any special occasion to any men, be it your dad, the special one or anyone. The smell of the perfume is really very alluring and has a very fresh flavor.

The dynamic smell can build a great personality. As soon as the man walks the room, he owns it! The perfume is best meant for them. The powerful and sweet combination of sparkling citrus, cedar, pepper, and patchouli is really amazing.

Cartier Miniature Perfume & Cologne Gift Set for Men



This is one of the men’s perfume gift set that comes with some women perfumes too. So, basically, it is a couple of sets which you can gift any couple like your parents or your sister and her husband or your brother and wife, etc.

It has 5 pieces of items in it. There are Roadster EDT for men (4ml) and Declaration EDT for men (4ml). For women there are also two perfumes – Declaration EDT for women (4ml) and Delices de Cartier EDT for women (5ml). The fifth one is the Eau De Cartier EDT for both Women and Men (Unisex) containing 5ml of spray.

This is the perfect combination to gift someone on special occasions like marriage or marriage anniversaries and even during engagement ceremonies.

ArtNaturals Aromatherapy Sets



It comes with a set of 8 essential oils. Each bottle is 10 ml. These essential oils provide natural aromatherapy healing and cleansing benefits.

The 8 different kinds of essential oils in this set are – Peppermint, Tea Tree Oil, Orange, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Frankincense.

These are also great for your skin and do not harm it at all. You can also use this in a vaporizer or diffusers or humidifiers. All the ingredients used in this essential oil is 100% natural and is completely cruelty-free and paraben-free.

Versace Man Eau Fraiche Gift Set



This is one of the best cheap fragrances set that you can buy for your use or even gift someone. This set contains 3 items – one 1.7oz EDT spray, one 1.7oz aftershave balm and a 1.7oz perfumed bath and shower gel.

It has a very authentic and refreshing smell that any men will surely love. The smell also lasts for a long time. One of the most interesting things about this set is that it comes with 2 essential items for men i.e. shower and bath gel and aftershave balm.

You can use this for everyday purposes. It is a very summer kind of mist that has a refreshing smell. The smell is very gentle and soothing. Thus, it is perfect for the ones who do not like overpowering and strong smells. You can also see the Versace Dreamer cologne spray as a single gift.




This is an amazing gift set by Davidoff. The set is undoubtedly one of the best sets of fragrance for men. You will get a 4.2 oz Eau DE Toilette Spray and one 2.5oz of aftershave splash for men with this.

It has a great smell which also lasts for a few hours. You can use this perfume for everyday use. You can wear this to your office every day or even go out for a casual outing wearing this. With just 2 to 4 spray of the cologne is enough to provide a strong and long lasting smell.

It doesn’t last for the whole day but definitely for 5 to 6 hours which is enough for outings and office wear.

212 by Carolina Herrera Gift Set



This is another nice fragrance set for the men by Carolina Herrera. This 212 Men perfume set comes with two items in it. One is the 3.3oz EDT spray and 3.3oz Aftershave Gel.

This has a great fresh summer smell. The smell is very soothing and relaxing. It is not overpowering and is ideal to be used in the summer months. You can smell great as well as quite fresh.

The top note of this fragrance is like fresh orange, grapefruit and lavender with the middle note of pepper and the base note is quite woody and musky in nature.

This can last for about 6 to 8 hours which is pretty decent. You can wear this for everyday purpose.

Kenneth Cole Vintage Black Gift Set



This is one of the most amazing and popular men perfume sets that you will love to use. It is from the famous Kenneth Cole Vintage Black collection.

This set has 3 items in it. These are – a 3.4oz EDT spray, a 3.4oz Aftershave balm and a 3.4oz Hair and Body wash for men. It has a versatile and classy scent with a classic note. You can feel that classic vintage smell from this perfume.

It has a very empowering smell more of citrus and lime. Within 20 to 30 minutes of applying the scent, it reveals a darker scent which is perfect for the night wears.

If you are going to night clubs, pubs or night parties then this scent is an ideal one to wear. It is not an everyday perfume.

Cuba Classic For Men Gift Set

Top 21 Perfume Gift Sets 2020 For Men You Must Choose 1


This is a great mens fragrance set for the smart men which have 4 pieces of items. These are one 117 ounces of Cuba Gold, 117 ounces of Cuba Red, 117 ounces of Cuba Blue and 117 ounces of Cuba Orange.

This is launched by the design house of Cuba. It is mainly popular for everyday casual wear. The smell of these 4 perfumes is really amazing that can last for about 5 to 6 hours.

The gold one has a sweet classy smell, the red one has an empowering smell, orange one too has an empowering smell but a bit musky and the blue one is an ideal of the daytime as it is fresh and light. So, if you are going to the office then the blue one is ideal.

Cuba Variety For Men



This fragrance set is also by Cuba for men. It comes with 4 different types of sprays by Cuba, especially for a different purpose.

It comes with Cuba Gold, Cuba Red, Cuba Orange, and Cuba Blue. Each of them is 1.17 ounces. The packaging is very interesting and it looks a lot like cigars. Each color is denoted for different smells and purpose.

The blue one is fresh and soothing, the red one is empowering and for parties, the orange one is musky and for casual outings, gold is classy and for any office events or parties. This set is surely a complete one that any men will love to own. The smell also lasts for a few hours which is quite nice.

360 Black for Men Gift Set



This one of the most classy and elegant mens cheap perfume sets that you can own as well gift someone.

This is the 360 Black collection by Perry Ellis. This set consists of 4 items. These are 3.4 ounces of EDT Spray, 2.75 ounces Deodorant Stick, 3 ounces of Aftershave Balm and 7.5ml of EDT spray. This 7.5 ml spray is ideal for traveling use.

So, this set is pretty amazing with lots of essential items and great use. This perfume is recommended for casual wear as well as for party wear. Even the aftershave balm and deodorant stick are quite good and useful. The smell stays for a long time. You can wear this for the whole day at the office or even for casual outings.

Gift Set by Christian Audigier



This is a gifted perfume set by Christian Audigier. This set consisted of 4 items. These are – one EDT spray (3.4 oz), one mini EDT sprays for travel use (.25oz), a shower gel (3oz) and a deodorant stick (2.75oz). This is a very useful set that you can own for yourself.

If you want you can also use this as a gift set. It is mainly recommended for casual use. If you are going out with friends or family for a simple outing, dinner, and lunch then definitely this is the perfect one to use.

It is not much for formal use. This scent lasts for 4 to 5 hours. It has a brilliant smell which is refreshing as well as empowering which you will surely love.

Cartier Variety Gift Set



This is another nice cheap perfume gift sets for men. It comes in very pretty packaging. The set is consisted of 4 different perfumes by Cartier. The smell is very distinguishing.

So, you can use these for different occasions. One has a very spicy smell whereas another one has a smooth rose smell. All these 4 perfumes come in a 3.3-ounce bottle each. The smell is very alluring and romantic.

It is recommended to wear mainly at parties or for any special occasion with your special someone. The smells last for a long period of time. This is surely a great purchase as you will love to wear this every single evening when you are going out for partying.

So, these are the men’s perfume gift sets that you can gift to any men for any special occasions. Surely, there comes a lot of such occasions and these can be the best gift for them. Here’s another best smelling men’s cologne list in another post, those who claim the best choice as a gift.


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