An Eye-Opening Creed Love in Black Perfume Review

Written by Lucas M. Hall

In this Love in Black perfume review, readers will find out the more appropriate way to wear this long-lasting Creed scent for women. They will also find out how a man can spray this on himself and pull it off.

The “Love” series

Following the previous 2005 Creed Love in White perfume, Olivier Creed and his son Erwin launched Love in Black three years later. The same duo will create Aventus in 2010, so we can almost reverse engineer the creative path that the family members followed for a while.

Love in White is a pleasant oriental floral fragrance. Yet, it is so clean that it almost leans toward the unisex middle ground. Then, Love in Black confirms the same unique style of blending soapy notes with deeper aromas.

Finally, Aventus comes along as the new male fragrance, yet many women start using it as well because they love the fruity opening.

Not every woman likes Love in Black at first. To those, I would suggest starting with a slightly more traditional designer’s perfume that hints in a somewhat similar direction as Ambre Nuit. This scent will help her see what the niche perfumes do for the wearer once they began using more unique smells.

An Eye-Opening Creed Love in Black Perfume Review 1

The olfactory pyramid of Creed Love in Black

As you spray the fragrance, a flowery mix of Italian violets and night-blooming jasmine hits your nose. The Virginia cedar note peeks out, then immediately submerge within the other essences.

There are several violets in different layers. For example, the white violet has delicate flowers that give off a disturbing aroma. This is one of the reasons why women hate it.

The heart is a masterful orchestration of a full-bodied, decisive, and sensual blend of Florentine Iris, Cloves, and Tonkin Musk. Violets of Grasse, generously present in the base, create a more vibrant accord.

The combination of rose and burgundy currant completes the fragrance with its delicate and fruity notes. The master perfumers managed to steal the secret of sensuality.

How to correctly wear Love in Black

Women who aspire to get the most out of this juice have to embrace the mysterious halo that comes with it. Imagine an elegant woman with a skintight black dress and a blood silk velvet scarf. She has a warm smile but piercing eyes. And she speaks softly, yet her sentences finish hard.

Love in Black is the night-time option that follows Love in White. As the natural light dims, this calls for a more resolute woman. This feminine smell is sweet but not girly. It asks for a woman to show her true seductive self.

Ordinarily, two sprays behind the ears and one on the hair will do. It can become an overpowering scent, so use it accordingly. You should get a nice halo, but the scent should not be too strong for others to step back.

As this Love in Black perfume review promised, men can also occasionally wear this scent. It is an underrated alternative to use in autumn and winter. You can spray it on your wrists four times to get a nice concentration and produce an almost leathery sensation.

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