Story of Creed Perfume

Have you ever smelt a royal perfume?

If your answer is “no”, then you can find the below article incredibly helpful.

Well, Kings and Queens used to wear some exclusive fragrances. These perfumes were forbidden to common people. One such perfume is Creed perfume.

Creed perfume has many fragrances (around 200). But one of the most successful perfume is Creed Aventus Cologne. It was launched in 2018. It’s believed that Creed Aventus Cologne is associated with the legendary character Napoleon Bonaparte.

Apart from that, Creed is among the most expensive perfumes in the world. Celebrities and famous personalities love this perfume. So, why did creed perfume suddenly become very popular?

The answer to this question is quite long. Hence, you should know every fact before buying this captivating and magical perfume.

Why Creed Perfume Is So Popular?


1) Hand Made Perfume

Creed perfume is a hand-made perfume. This means people weigh all the ingredients by their hands. Then, they mix them. After all these laborious stages, the perfume is prepared. Hence, it never fails to satisfy people.

2) Natural Ingredients

In the modern world. artificial ingredients are prevalent. Almost all perfume brands use a huge amount of artificial ingredients. But Creed uses a very lower quantity of artificial ingredients. That’s why Creed’s perfumes smell magical.

Apple, berries, pineapple, coconut, and much more refreshing ingredients are there. Creed has devoted every minute to create the best perfume in the world.

3) Marvelous Fragrances

Creed never produces its fragrances in a hurry. They research their fragrances. Then, Olivier Creed (the present owner) smells it. If he approves the fragrance then the fragrance goes to the market.

Hence, Creed has produced the best-class fragrances in the world. You can have Green Irish Tweed, Silver Mountain Water, Aventus Cologne, Original Santal, Spring Flower and much more.

Creed makes their perfumes for men and women. Creed’s men perfumes enhance the masculine flavor. Apart from that, their women’s fragrances create a seductive atmosphere around women. Consequently, Creed has gained its popularity earnestly.

4) Rich Historical Background

A rich background tells the value. Creed has a rich heritage of around 250 years. It started its journey in 1760. James Creed was the father of this perfume company. King George (3) wanted a unique fragrance for him. Hence, James Creed created this perfume.

From that day, Creed is associated with the royal family of England. Queen Victoria and many kings and queens have worn creed. Such a rich background is hard to ignore. There must be something great about this perfume. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have survived until today.

5) Vast Experience

Since 1760, Creed has been a family-owned business. Olivier Creed and his ancestors have made this perfume company large and famous. They have kept the formula secret for years.

This vast experience has taught them many things. They know the right combination of notes. That’s why their perfumes are not boring. They are impressive and attractive.

For instance – Creed Aventus Cologne has three notes – top, middle and base. The top notes are a combination of pineapple, apple, bergamot, and blackcurrant. In the middle, there are jasmine, rose, and patchouli scents. At the bottom, you can smell ambergris, vanilla, musk, and oakmoss.

Such a fantastic combination of notes is truly rare to find. Only years of experience can gift it to you.

6) Impact of Celebrities and High-Profile People

From Prince Charles to George Clooney, creed perfume has been used by many celebrities. Now, celebrities, actors, actresses, and high profile people love only unique things. Hence, Creed is so special to them.

Even royal kings and queens of the old England have worn this perfume. Naturally, the perfume becomes a valuable asset to all fashion lovers.

Some people think – why creed is so expensive? The answer is simple. It’s unique, luxurious, and mesmerizing. So, how can it be cheap? You have to pay for this high-quality perfume. Once you wore it you can feel the gravity of this perfume.

Creed perfume’s fabulous fragrances have made it so popular. Apart from that, it’s natural substances are not harmful to your skin. Hence, you can wear it without being worried. Creed’s royal heritage needs no introduction. Celebrities and Kings have liked it. So, you should try it once.